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Hereby, confirm that I am duly authorized to sign this power of attorney the contents which I full well understand. I nominate Mafori Credit Repair (Pty) Ltd. ("Mafori Legal") to act as my lawful agents authorized to inter alla improve and verify my credit scoring and to:
1. Construct a credit profile of myself including my creditors, judgements, standing liabilities and overall credit ratings scoring:
2. Engaging with my creditors to achieve full and final settlement amounts;
3. To receive certified balances of what I owe creditors.
4. To at the agreed cost approach any relevant court to rescind judgements against my name;
5. To draw a report from any registered credit bureau;
6. To nominate an attorneys firm to act as my attorney in rescinding any judgement or order against me;
7. To receive and manage any lumpsum paid to them on my behalf and to settle my creditors as they might agree.
8. Pay attorneys fee not exceeding and included in the Mafori Legal agreed fee.
9. Draw my bank statements for at least three months prior to this authority;
10. Send a report and a reconciliation of their dealings with my matter to my e-mail or fax address as agreed.
I further grant Mafori Credit Repair full power and authority to do whatever required and necessary, for all intents and purposes, as I might or could have done were I physically present.
Mafori Credit Repair shall lawfully execute the terms of this power of attorney which can only be terminated by me in writing and send to Mafori Credit Repair by fax.
I acknowledge that Mafori Credit Repair will be conducting extensive and consuming work on my personal profile and should I for whatever reason terminate prematurely then I acknowledge that I could be liable for any attorneys costs incurred.
Registration Number: 2017/523421/07

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